Cadence Design System, Inc. from Silicon Valley

Global industries connecting program for our local 84 University in EEE Department electronic design automation (EDA) tools. EDA software and hardware enables everything from the design of individual transistors to the development of software before any hardware is built.

Human Resource Management

TimeNow Human Resource Management Software is a Web Based Application providing those in HR division a comprehensive solution for workforce management and offering employees direct access to view and manage their own information through application as well as Government Law Compliance.


E-Health provides information on common illnesses and diseases and how to cure them through electronic media help from one place to another place in the country. Though current technological developments are essentially limited to developing country like Bangladesh, e-Health is now an international area.

Learning Management System

TimeNow e-Learning is a Paid Learning Management System, online training program designed for students, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners to develop their IT and business skills anytime, anywhere. Many academic businesses are using Learning Management Systems (LMS) to increase the asynchronous learning with the development of exclusive classes and mobile learning surroundings.

ERP Solution

Get better visibility and operate more effectively with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions from TimeNow. Built from the ground up for each of the industries we serve, our ERP solutions are designed to align with your unique business processes to get you up and running quickly.

Bio-Metric Integration

TimeNow inc. invented a portable IoT based Automated Attendance System. The total project consists of two-part; Hardware and software. TimeNow Inc. introduced this innovative approach for the first time in Bangladesh. We have successfully established at most 30 Schools around the country.

School Management System

We are proud to introduce one of the most technically advanced software for school management and administration. It is designed to speed up various tasks across the institution system and offers modules that creates a robust platform that benefit teachers, students, parents and staff. The system has been designed to incorporate the government circular issued by the ministry of Education for the digitization of schools and colleges.

Accounting Management System

One of the leading software on Accounts and Finance management system for small, medium and large businesses. A system made for all financial activities within the organization.  Keep track of Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Cost of Revenue, Retained earnings, Balance sheet and much more. It’s a total accounting solution for any organization. Now keeping track of all ledgers and managing finance is easier with TImeNow Inc.

Hospital Management System

TimeNow Inc presents Hospital management system solution for all activities required to take care of people outside and within the organization. It has all the necessary tools for Doctors, Patients, Nurse, Pharmacist, Accountant, Lab and Receptionist. It’s built to make improved process, digital medical records, easy interface to navigate, staff interaction, patient self-service, hospital management, human resource, Financial controls and much more to operate smoothly with excellent quality which consumes less time managing and more time providing help to those who needs the most. 

Enterprise Resource Planning System

A growing business needs proper planning and management system to grow efficiently. This is where our latest ERP solution is here. Comprehensive features for Manufacturing, Sales/ Purchase/Stock, Account, Income/ Expense, Production process, easy to customize, flexible reports and much more. With TimeNow Inc ERP solutions, its easier to manage your Factory, Company, Shops and Finance reports. Easy to navigate and easier to manage. 

Team Collaboration Platform

Collab with your team to build and grow your dream projects. Easily manageable tasks with determined objective paths. Multi Users and Projects, Seamless Task assignment and management, File sharing and comments, easily assignable task and users and much more. With our team collaboration tools, make your dream projects come to life.